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Hablarama is a new website for everyone learning or teaching Spanish. We publish our own interactive Spanish classes and we also keep you up to date with the latest websites, apps, YouTube channels, TV shows and books for learning Spanish.

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If you are just starting to learn Spanish then take a look at the first two classes in our series on basic Spanish Phrases. In the first our native speakers will show you how to introduce yourself in Spanish. In the second class we show you our top 50 basic Spanish questions.

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Inspirational Spanish quotes motivational
Spanish Phrases

Spanish quotes 1 – Inspirational

October 9, 2017 0

Looking for inspirational quotes in Spanish? Famous or inspirational quotes can be a great help when it comes to remembering new vocabulary.  Feel free to download these images or save them to Pinterest. In this […]

living and working in Spain

Living and working in Spain

October 8, 2017 0

Long-term resident, and English teacher, George Chilton, gives us his tips for life as an expat in Spain.  If you are specifically interested in teaching English in Spain, follow George on our sister site, Linguabanca.com , […]

What type of Spanish do you want to learn?

Spanish for Spain or Latin America?

We are based in a small village on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, but we give the same importance to Latin American Spanish as we do to Spanish from the mother country. You’ll hear a variety of different accents in our lessons, from purest Castilian to the Italian-influenced purr of the Porteños, the residents of Buenos Aires.

Interactive lessons with video and audio

The Hablarama Spanish Courses

Our own courses make heavy use of videos and audio so that you get lots of practice listening to a wide variety of different native Spanish speakers. The Hablarama lessons are short and to-the-point, with simple easy-to-understand explanations. Our emphasis is always on teaching you the sort of Spanish you'll need in real life. Our teachers provide plenty of examples of useful Spanish phrases and questions which you should be able to start using immediately.


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