work studies spanish
Basic Spanish

What do you do?

September 28, 2017 Aurora Ielpi 0

Welcome to the fourth of Hablarama’s Basic Spanish Classes.  In this lesson, our fantastic, bilingual teacher, Aurora Ielpi, takes us through the Spanish we need if we want to talk about work and studies.  Now […]

introduce people in Spanish
Basic Spanish

How to introduce others in Spanish

September 27, 2017 Aurora Ielpi 0

In this second class in our Basic Spanish course we’re going to learn how to introduce people in both formal and informal situations. This class assumes that you already know how to introduce yourself in […]

spanish greetings
Basic Spanish

How to introduce yourself in Spanish

September 26, 2017 Aurora Ielpi 0

Have you ever been in a social situation where most people spoke Spanish and hardly any English? Did you feel left out by not being able to participate in the conversation? Or maybe your Spanish […]

pronounce spanish pronunciation
Basic Spanish

Idiot’s guide to Spanish pronunciation

September 11, 2017 chris bartlett 0

¡Hola idiotas!  Here’s your guide to Spanish pronunciation. No, seriously, welcome to Hablarama’s whistle-stop tour of Spanish pronunciation. In just a single internet page we’ll cover all those strange sounds you’ll need to master if […]

spanish conversations
Spanish Phrases

Starting a conversation in Spanish

September 1, 2017 chris bartlett 0

You’re travelling around Spain (or Mexico, Argentina, Chile…) and you’ve just met a friendly-looking local. Chances are you’ll want to strike up a conversation in Spanish, and, you know, do a little bit of that […]