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We have a pretty varied collection of animals in this new series of posters. They range from those you’d expect to see on a safari (the “big five”) to creatures who are more commonly found on a farm, such as cows, pigs and chickens, and those that we tend to keep as domestic pets.  We’ve also thrown in an octopus for good measure, because, heck, who wouldn’t want to know the Spanish word for that little sea-dweller? (plus the graphic designer couldn’t think of anything else to fill the space!).

Animal names

Firstly, a word of warning: Animal names can vary from one Spanish-speaking country to another.  So, while most of the animals featured in this poster will have the same name in the whole of the Spanish-speaking world, there may be a few regional differences which aren’t reflected in the poster.  Where different names exist, we have ‘gone with the majority’ and used the terms which are used most widely.

A4 Animals Classroom Handout

a4 animals poster

The perfect size for student folders, at least in Europe. Also makes for a great classroom handout. How about laminating these so that they last longer and can be re-used?

Open and download Animals A4 Poster PDF

US Letter Animals Classroom Handout


We know you Americans like to be different, so here’s a US-Letter sized poster. A little shorter and broader than its European brother the ‘A4’, but who’s judging?

Open and download Animals US-Letter Poster PDF

A3 Animals Wall Poster

a3 animals poster

Need a wall poster, but don’t want anything than covers too much space? This A3-sized poster should do the trick.

Open and download Animals A3 Poster PDF

A4 Vocabulary Worksheet

You may well have seen this animals worksheet before as it was published at the beginning of 2016, before we started work on the Vocab Poster series.  If you’re not familiar with them, these vocab worksheets feature verbs and phrases related to the relevant theme, as well as a reduced number of images.

Download available April’17.

US Letter Vocabulary Worksheet

Not currently available. Sorry. We are working on this. Nothing whatsoever to do with any anti-US sentiment we may feel in the Trump era. We love you guys, we really do! Honest.

A2 Large Wall Poster

a4 animals poster

If your classroom is structurally unsound and you need to cover up cracks, or your students are all short-sighted, or you’re just one of those teachers that likes to make a statement, then you’ll want this A2 poster.  Our biggest poster does though make for a very large PDF in terms of kilobytes, so we’ll need to send this to you via email. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get right on it.

Waste not, want not.

We are currently working on a set of posters which use less ink. Look out for updates!

Want the JPEG?

Feel free to save this giant, 1000 x 3000px image.  You’ll also find more of these images on our Pinterest site.

animals words in spanish

Spot a mistake?

Our graphic designer is only two or three mistakes away from being fired. Let us know if you see any errors in this latest set of posters and we’ll get busy preparing that dismissal letter. And we’ll obviously correct the mistakes too!

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