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Native Spanish speakers: Video 3

November 16, 2017 chris bartlett 0

What do the Spanish think of the British? You’d be surprised! If you’re familiar with this series of videos, you’ll know that we sent the Hablarama team to Pontevedra and Vigo, two medium-sized cities in […]

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Native Spanish speakers: Video 2

November 11, 2017 chris bartlett 0

Welcome back to our brand new series of videos with native Spanish speakers! If you’ve already viewed the first video, you’ll know that the Hablarama team have been to Galicia, in northern Spain, to interview […]

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Spanish lessons and Fernando Alonso?

November 7, 2017 chris bartlett 0

A new contract for Fernando. If you like Formula 1 in particular, or motor racing in general, then you should find this video right up your street. Fans of Spanish driver Fernando Alonso will know that he […]

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Native Spanish speakers: Video 1

November 4, 2017 chris bartlett 0

Welcome to the first in our brand new series of videos with native Spanish speakers! We’ve gone out and interviewed young people around Spain to give you an idea of the language that is really […]

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Spanish quotes 1 – Inspirational

October 9, 2017 chris bartlett 0

Looking for inspirational quotes in Spanish? Famous or inspirational quotes can be a great help when it comes to remembering new vocabulary.  Feel free to download these images or save them to Pinterest. In this […]

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Idiot’s guide to Spanish pronunciation

September 11, 2017 chris bartlett 0

¡Hola idiotas!  Here’s your guide to Spanish pronunciation. No, seriously, welcome to Hablarama’s whistle-stop tour of Spanish pronunciation. In just a single internet page we’ll cover all those strange sounds you’ll need to master if […]

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Starting a conversation in Spanish

September 1, 2017 chris bartlett 0

You’re travelling around Spain (or Mexico, Argentina, Chile…) and you’ve just met a friendly-looking local. Chances are you’ll want to strike up a conversation in Spanish, and, you know, do a little bit of that […]

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Spanish for restaurants

June 5, 2017 chris bartlett 0

Welcome to our free, to-the-point guide to Spanish for restaurants! Going on a beach holiday to Spain or Mexico this summer? Or maybe you’re a more adventurous type and are planning to go backpacking  in […]

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Animal names in Spanish

March 24, 2017 chris bartlett 0

We have a pretty varied collection of animals in this new series of posters. They range from those you’d expect to see on a safari (the “big five”) to creatures who are more commonly found on […]