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Office equipment in Spanish

Editor’s note:  This is the latest in our series of Free Vocabulary materials for Spanish learners (and teachers!).  We’ve already published a set of worksheets on the human body and clothing, as well as some bright, colourful posters on animal names. We’re currently working on loads more free resources, so stay tuned! If you work […]

Spanish Phrases 1.1 : Introducing yourself

Welcome to the first in our series of free classes on essential Spanish phrases.   The aim of the series is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible with the kind of words, questions and phrases which you’ll actually need when you visit a Spanish-speaking country. Most classes are based around a video, where […]

Spanish 1.2 : Basic Spanish questions

If you’ve checked out our first class you’ll know how to introduce yourself and give basic personal information in Spanish. In this class we’ll look at the type of essential Spanish questions you’ll want to ask to someone you’ve just met.   Video If you play the video to the class, you’ll not only be able to listen to […]

The Hablarama Spanish YouTube channel and videos

Our new channel on YouTube We’re not the fastest workers here at Hablarama, but we’re pleased to announce that we have, finally, launched our video channel on YouTube. Check it out here. What’s it all about? Like the main website, the Hablarama YouTube channel is designed for anyone who’s learning Spanish, but particularly for those students who […]

Spanish words 1-4: The face, body…

Need a quick, easy way to learn, or teach, Spanish words?  Look no further!  Our team of educators have designed a series of bright, funky vocabulary sheets which will hopefully make learning (and remembering!) new Spanish words a little less tedious. If you want to find out exactly why we’ve chosen this format, then check […]


Spanish in Barcelona: Pros and Cons

Spanish in Barcelona: What you need to know Thinking of studying Spanish in Barcelona? In this article we’ll give you a summary of (almost) everything important you need to know before you make your choice. If you are still narrowing down your search, don’t forget to check out our guide to studying in other Spanish […]

Where to study Spanish in Spain

Thinking of studying Spanish in Spain? Great idea! Immersing yourself in the culture is a fantastic way to boost your language skills. But where is the best place in Spain to study? This is a big, diverse country, and, as we’ll explain below, different cities and areas will appeal to different types of people. We’ll […]

Hablarama, getting to grips with Spanish

Welcome to Hablarama, a brand new site dedicated to the Spanish language.  We’re here to help you learn real Spanish more quickly and more efficiently, and to make the whole experience a lot more fun while we’re at it. Whether you’re studying Spanish at university, need the language for business, or just want to be […]