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Asking for directions – Just the basics

Technology has changed travel. Thanks to smart phones and apps, you could go through all South America without asking for directions once. But you’d be missing out on a great opportunity to hone your Spanish skills! This class is part of Aurora’s Basic Spanish course, which aims to take you from absolute no-hoper beginner to […]

Describing people and emotions

What is she like? Let me tell you… One of the best things about languages is that they enable us to express all manner of things which are invisible to the naked eye. Some of these things are how we feel and what we -or others- are like. Let’s see how we can do this […]

I’m sorry, I don’t understand!

As you’ve probably noticed, learning a language isn’t easy, even when it’s a lovely well-structured, Latin-based language like Spanish. We’ve all experienced that moment when somebody is talking to us but we have no clue what they’re saying. You know you’d be fine if you could just ask them to repeat their words. Or maybe […]

My first 30 Spanish verbs

What are you doing?!? As you learn a new language, you’ll discover new words and expressions as well as subtle differences in meanings. To help you express yourself accurately, in this lesson we’re going to look at some of the most frequently-used verbs in the Spanish language. This lesson forms part of Hablarama’s Basic Spanish […]

What do you do?

Welcome to the fourth of Hablarama’s Basic Spanish Classes.  In this lesson, our fantastic, bilingual teacher, Aurora Ielpi, takes us through the Spanish we need if we want to talk about work and studies.  Now that you can talk a little about yourself in Spanish, let’s have a look at how to talk about what […]

How to give and ask for personal information

This is the third class in our short course on Basic Spanish. In the first class we learnt how to introduce yourself in Spanish, while in the second we saw – surprise, surprise – how to introduce others. Now, let’s take things up a notch, and look at how to ask for, and give, personal […]

How to introduce others in Spanish

In this second class in our Basic Spanish course we’re going to learn how to introduce people in both formal and informal situations. This class assumes that you already know how to introduce yourself in Spanish.  If you don’t, then check out the first class in this course.  Every now and then there’s a social […]

How to introduce yourself in Spanish

Have you ever been in a social situation where most people spoke Spanish and hardly any English? Did you feel left out by not being able to participate in the conversation? Or maybe your Spanish was so rudimentary it was almost painful. Would you like to do better next time? Keep reading! This class is […]