Telephone Spanish

Do you need to use Spanish on the phone?

Welcome to our new course dedicated entirely to telephone Spanish. Our native Spanish teachers have written these classes with business in mind, but you’ll find most of the material here is also valid for informal telephone conversations with friends and acquaintances.

As always, we’ve included lots of real-life examples, and have added audio files so that you can hear all the key phrases, questions and expressions.

Telephone Spanish 1.3: How to end a call

¡Hasta luego! If you've been following our course on Spanish for the telephone, you should already know how to initiate a phone call (competently!) and what to say when answering the phone in Spanish. In the second class in the course…
Answering the phone in Spanish

Telephone Spanish 1.2: Communication problems

¿Hola? ¿Me oyes? Learning how to speak on the phone in Spanish 2 This lesson is concerned with the typical communication problems that sometimes come up when making a phone call, either formal or informal. We are going to be building…
telephone spanish for the phone

Telephone Spanish 1.1: The absolute basics

Le atiende Rosa López, ¿en qué puedo ayudarle? Learning how to speak on the phone in Spanish. Welcome to the first in our series of classes on speaking on the phone in Spanish. While we started to write this course with the business…