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A selection of Spanish-language video bloggers from Spain and Latin America

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When you’re learning a language it’s absolutely essential that you have as much contact with it as possible. That’s where Passive Learning comes in.

In a nutshell, Passive Learning means sitting on the sofa (or standing in a subway train) and watching films, listening to music, reading the latest celebrity news etc, etc.

And it also means watching Spanish-language YouTube videos!

So, here’s our list of Hablarama’s favourite Youtubers (Spanish-language video bloggers).

We’ve tried to select entertaining video bloggers from a number of different Spanish-speaking countries. There’s a travel blogger from Mexico, a manic nutcase from Spain, and a fashion expert from…Peru!

Daniel Tirado – Colombia

Level: Upper-intermediate

Subtitles: No

Channel: Daniel Tirado

Who can resist a well shot travel blog?  Daniel Tirado has one of the most professional Spanish-language travel blogs.  Check out his comprehensive YouTube channel to see what this manic Colombian gets up to on his journeys around the world.

In this video

Daniel joins up with other Spanish-language travel bloggers to bring us this guide to Medellin, one of the coolest cities in Colombia.

Visual Politik – Spain

Level: Upper-intermediate.

Subtitles: Spanish

Channel: Visual Politik

This is an entire YouTube channel on politics and current affairs. In each snappy video, an excitable presenter takes us through one current political issue or event. So there are videos on Trump and Brexit, amongst a host of other national and international subjects.


In this video

How the United Kingdom plans to reconquer the world (no, really!)

El Rubius – Spain

Level: Upper-intermediate / advanced

Subtitles: Spanish and English (User-supplied)

Channel: El Rubius

The undisputed king of the Spanish Youtubers, El Rubius has over 20 million subscribers.  What started off as a game-review channel has turned into a full-on lifestyle offering. The videos can be fairly manic at times and feature an off-beat, self-effacing humour which isn’t likely to offend anyone, although you’ll hear the odd swear word or two.   El Rubius comes across as a genuinely likeable guy, though you probably wouldn’t want to introduce him to your parents.

In this video

What not to do with liquid nitrogen.

Fashaddicti – Peru

Level: Upper-intermediate

Subtitles: No (only machine-translated Spanish)

Channel: Fashaddicti

If you’re looking for a lifestyle blog aimed at teenagers, then this is it.  The videos are generally quite difficult to understand, but are a great introduction to Peruvian Spanish. At the time of writing our protagonist has just gone up to university, so expect the content to get a bit more mature in the coming years

In this video

Five outfits to wear with white trainers/sneakers…

Hola Soy German – Chile

Level: Upper-intermediate / advanced

Subtitles: Spanish and English

Channel: Hola Soy German

With more than 20 million subscribers, German is one of the biggest Youtube stars in Chile. Like many other video bloggers, he also has a games review channel, if you like that sort of thing.  Most of the videos feature German giving us his humorous advice for getting on and being successful in life.

In this video

How to make friends in an age of digital media.

Alan x el mundo – Mexico

Level: Upper-intermediate

Subtitles: Spanish and English

Channel: Alan x el mundo

What does the ‘x’ stand for?  ‘x’ is the lazy, non-official, social-media way of writing ‘por’. Correctly written, the channel’s title would be ‘Alan por el mundo’, which translates as ‘Alan around the world’. And that’s more or less what you get: Our man Alan travelling around the world and making videos. A nice life if you can get it.

In this video

Alan checks out a 7-star hotel.

Mariel de Viaje – Mexico

Level: Upper-intermediate

Subtitles: No

Channel: Mariel de Viaje

A post-adolescent (but only just) blogger from Mexico. This very energetic YouTuber makes funky, well-edited travel videos. You kinda want to shoot her after a while, but in small doses she is quite entertaining.

In this video

Mariel takes us on a tour of Cartagena, one of the prettiest historic towns in Colombia.

Looking for more Spanish-speaking video bloggers?

By definition, YouTube channels tend to appeal to very specific audiences. If you’re not too impressed by our selection of Youtubers then take a look at the social media review site Social Blade, which publishes lists of the most popular YouTube channels by country.

Here’s a list of top Youtubers for Chile:


And for Mexico:


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