Office equipment in Spanish

Don't know your CELO from your CINTA? Download our beautiful Spanish Vocabulary posters on office equipment. They're all free!

Spanish office equipment posters

Editor’s note:  This is the latest in our series of Free Vocabulary materials for Spanish learners (and teachers!).  We’ve already published a set of worksheets on the human body and clothing, as well as some bright, colourful posters on animal names. We’re currently working on loads more free resources, so stay tuned!

If you work in a Spanish-speaking organisation or teach Business Spanish then this week’s free-to-download posters on office materials should come in handy. Part of our series of free classroom materials, these posters cover a whole range of items you’ll find in the average office, from staplers to rulers, chairs to stationery products, and much more besides.

Words for office equipment in Spanish

Vocabulary included these week:

Stationery and writing equipment:
  • Pens, highlighters, erasers (‘rubbers’ for our friends in the UK), folders
Office furniture:
  • Chair, desk
Office gadgets and tools:
  • Stapler, staple remover, hole punch
Measuring and drawing instruments:
  • Ruler, compass, scale rule, set square (Doesn’t anyone still use these??)
Tech hardware:
  • Laptop, camera, flash
Things for attaching and sticking:
  • Sellotape, rubber bands, clips

Here are the posters, in PDF format, in A2, A3, A4 and US-Letter sizes. To download you’ll need to click the links to open the PDF first and then download from your browser.

A4 Office equipment in Spanish poster

Download the A4 Office Equipment poster

US Letter Office equipment poster

us-letter poster office equipment
Download the US-Letter Office Equipment poster

A3  Office equipment  poster

Download the A3 Office Equipment poster

A2 poster

a2 poster office equipment

Watch out, this one’s a biggy! If you have problems opening or downloading this poster, please let us know and we’ll send you a copy by email or WeTransfer.

Download the A2 Office Equipment poster

Want the JPEG?

Here is one big JPEG file with all of the images.
office spanish chair pen
You’ll also find more of these images on our Pinterest site.

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