our team

The Founder

Hablarama was set up at the tail end of 2015 by Chris Bartlett. Originally from the UK, Chris has lived in Spain for nearly 15 years, where he has taught English as a second language for longer than is strictly advisable or healthy to do so. He also has extensive experience creating educational materials for the classroom, distance learning and digital formats.

In addition to Hablarama, Chris is the creator of a range of other websites dedicated to language learning. He’s currently developing a series of interactive learning materials based on business English, including an ebook guide to writing business emails and specialised courses for professionals in the catering and hotel trades.

Our Writers

Here at Hablarama we also have a great team of writers whose task it is to publish exceptionally informative pieces on the Spanish language and the culture of Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America.  Most of our writers are native English speakers who are resident in either Spain or Latin America and are either bilingual or fluent in Spanish. They might not be the best at meeting deadlines, but we like to think that their expert opinions are well worth waiting for.