Spanish lessons and Fernando Alonso?

A new contract for Fernando.

If you like Formula 1 in particular, or motor racing in general, then you should find this video right up your street.

Fans of Spanish driver Fernando Alonso will know that he has had a total nightmare hasn’t enjoyed the best of times since he joined the UK-based team McLaren a couple of season’s ago.

However, despite everything, in autumn of 2017, Fernando decided to renew his contract with McLaren (check out McLaren’s Spanish language site here).

To celebrate the new contract, the team produced this funny little video. In it various McLaren employees are seen – and heard – desperately trying to learn different words and phrases in Spanish.

Look out for the following phrases:

  • Mi motor es bueno.
    My engine is good.
  • Nos vemos el próximo año.
    See you next year*

*Literally: We’ll see each other next year.

Obviously, the video is only meant as a bit of fun, so it’s probably not a good idea to try to copy the accents you’ll hear. In fact, they’re probably quite a good guide to how NOT to pronounce Spanish.

Want to pronounce Spanish the right way?

If you are serious about improving your accent when you speak Spanish, then check out our fantastic Idiot’s Guide to Spanish Pronunciation. 

  • ¡Suerte para el año que viene, Fernando!
    Good luck next year Fernando!

Spanish Vocabulary

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