Spanish Quotes 2

quotes in spanish with english translations

Welcome to the second in our series on inspirational Spanish quotes.

If you’re studying Spanish, you’ll know that learning new vocabulary can be a big pain in the butt bit of a chore. It’s never a good idea to try to learn long lists of words, and it’s generally difficult to learn vocabulary without a surrounding context to give meaning to each word.

So our Spanish graphic designer has dug out some of her favourite inspirational Spanish quotes, and made this lovely series of images.

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You can check out our first set of inspirational quotes in Spanish here.

A good one for weather words

spanish quote 1

  • Por muy larga que sea la tormenta, el siempre vuelve a brillar entre las nubes.
    However long the storm, the sun will always shine again amongst the clouds.

A tricky one to translate

Spanish phrases 1

  • La raíz de los problemas es irse por las ramas.
    The root of the problem is trying to avoid it.

This one doesn’t make much sense in English because the quote is based on an idiomatic Spanish expression:

Irse por las ramas = To go around a problem in order to avoid dealing with it / To not get to the point

Is this one from Rocky IV?

quotes in Spanish

  • Cuanto mayor es la dificultad, mayor es la gloria.
    The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory. 

A nice little reminder…

famous quote

  • El mundo está lleno de buenas personas. Si no las encuentras, sé una de ellas.
    The world is full of good people.  If you can’t find one, become one.

This is a good example of the verb Ser in the imperative form.

Imperative in Positive and Negative

quotes about spanish

  • No odies a quien te odia, quiere a quien te quiere.
    Don’t hate those who hate you, love those who love you. 

Did you notice how Spanish uses the subjunctive form for the negative imperative?

The imperative tense again

motivational sentence

  • Hagas lo que hagas, hazlo con pasión.
    Whatever you do, do it with passion.

Another example of the subjunctive (hagas – hacer) with the imperative (haz – hacer).  Don’t you just love the way we can just bolt a pronoun onto the end of the imperative? ¡Hazlo!

Think of the possibilities

possible spanish

  • Deja de pensar en las limitaciones, empieza a pensar en las posibilidades
    Stop thinking about the limitations and start thinking about the possibilities. 

Did you see how this phrase once again uses the imperative form? Twice, in fact.

One for creative thinkers

famous phrases in spanish 3

  • No necesitas alas para volar, solo imaginación.
    You don’t need wings to fly, just imagination. 

Be afraid, be very afraid

quotes about motivation

  • El miedo existe, lo importante es que tus deseos sean más fuertes que él.
    Fear exists. The most important thing is that your desires are stronger.

Spanish likes to use the impersonal pronoun ‘lo’ when talking about non-physical concepts. We’ll get to that in a future class!

Don’t worry about failure

image of sentence and person

  • Sueña en grande y atrévete a fallar
    Dream big and dare to fail. 

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