Spanish words 1-4: The face, body…

spanish words for the body face etc

Need a quick, easy way to learn, or teach, Spanish words?  Look no further!  Our team of educators have designed a series of bright, funky vocabulary sheets which will hopefully make learning (and remembering!) new Spanish words a little less tedious.

If you want to find out exactly why we’ve chosen this format, then check out our previous post, where we go over the anatomy of each sheet in a bit more detail.  Otherwise, keep scrolling down the page for the links to download the first four sheets: on the face, the human body, clothes, and accessories.

All the sheets are suitable for both beginner and more advanced students.

Parts of the body

spanish for the body knee leg

In this first sheet we go, literally, from head (cabeza) to toe (dedos del pie), looking at most of the parts inbetween. We’ll learn Spanish words including ‘piernas‘, ‘manos‘ and ‘brazos‘.  The verb section covers common body movements (external only!), and we also have examples of phrases for explaining that we have injured or hurt a particular part of our bodies.

Open pdf: the body

The face in Spanish

spanish words face ear nose

As sheet 1 covered Spanish words related to the body, it seemed logical that sheet 2 should look at the face. We’ll learn the words for ‘eye’, ‘ear’, ‘mouth’, ‘teeth’, and verbs like ‘sonreír‘ and ‘Guiñar‘. In the section on phrases we give the sort of examples you’ll actually use in real life situations, including a couple of lines which can be used to compliment someone on their appearance. Adult students may find these particularly useful!

Open pdf: the face


Spanish Words for Accessories

words for sunglasses shoes boots

This is the first of several vocabulary sheets which will focus on things that we wear. Here we look at 8 accessories which most girls and women will have in their wardrobes. We’ll demonstrate how to use the Spanish equivalents of ‘put on’, ‘take off’ and ‘buy’.  If you’re a teacher, be prepared to explain reflexive verbs to your students as they are a main feature of this word set.

Open pdf: Accessories



clothes in spanish women

A nice, easy introduction to clothing, with the words for seven well-known items.  We also look again at verbs, such as ‘llevar’, ‘ponerse’ and ‘quitarse’, which we originally introduced in the vocabulary sheet on accessories. Together, the two sheets should leave students in no doubt as to how to use these very common verbs.

Open pdf: Clothes