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Basic Spanish phrases class course
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Our new channel on YouTube

We’re not the fastest workers here at Hablarama, but we’re pleased to announce that we have, finally, launched our video channel on YouTube. Check it out here.

What’s it all about?

Like the main website, the Hablarama YouTube channel is designed for anyone who’s learning Spanish, but particularly for those students who are just starting out and don’t really have much of a notion about the language.

Our approach

We aim to be pretty informal and to focus on the language that you are actually going to use if you are out and about in Spain or Latin America.

Essential Spanish Phrases

First up on the channel is a series of videos looking at essential Spanish phrases. Aimed at absolute beginners, we’ve chosen vital phrases for a variety of common situations, from giving your name, to asking for directions, or just comparing likes and dislikes. In each video we’ll hear native Spanish speakers, both from Spain and from Latin America, and we’ll look at some of the differences between the Spanish spoken in different countries. We’ll also have a brief look at grammar, but only when strictly necessary. honest!

Principally though, this series is all about giving you simple, practical, phrases and questions which you will be able to use immediately. It’s a no fuss approach, but we’ve found that it’s much more effective than boring old text books.

Video 1.1 – Introducing yourself

We start off by looking at phrases for giving basic personal information such as your name and age, and saying where you live.  We’ll also see how to use the verb ‘Ser’ (‘to be’) to give lots of other details about ourselves, including our profession and nationality.

Video 1.2 – Essential Questions

While the first video in the series is all about giving personal information, in this second video we’ll look at how to ask someone for basic information about themselves. Forming questions in Spanish is a lot simpler than in English, you’ll be pleased to know; so you should be up and asking in no time.  In this video, as with all of the videos in this series, we’ll listen to accents from Northeastern Spain (Catalonia, to be precise) and Argentina.

Video 1.3 – Likes and Loves

Who doesn’t want to talk about what they like doing?  It’s a great way to break the ice and to find common ground.  or not.  We’ll learn how to use the Spanish verbs ‘gustar‘ and ‘encantar‘, which, as we’ll see, behave in a way that most English speakers might find a bit odd. The phrases in this video also serve as a good introduction to Spanish word order.

Is that it?

Easy tiger! We’re working on a further 7 videos in this series on essential Spanish phrases. Video 4 should be out by the end of August’16, with the rest following during the month of September.

What about the classes?

Each video will have its own class (page) here on with a many more examples and explanations of the main grammar points. As and when we finish these classes we’ll put the links up on this page, next to the corresponding video.

Want us to cover a different topic?

We aim to please. If you would like us to cover a particular subject in our videos, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, and tell us what you want to learn about.

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